Otis College of Art and Design: Visual Effects Lab



VFX Lab Fall 2013: Perceptual Computing / Final Project





Create a narrative featuring "Perceptual computing" interface, an immersive interactive interface for a human that drives a result.

Investigate the boundary between our computers and the way we interact with them.  Perceptual computing will allow users to control their devices with something other than a keyboard or a mouse. Think voice controls, gesture controls, or virtually another tool you can dream up.


Things to consider:

-When shooting your background plates the camera should move enough to create parrallax but it should not move erratically so it doesn't become to difficult to track.

-Production value: Location, wardrobe, method, material, or stagecraft skill used in the production.

-We will shoot with a DSLR, 24 fps @ 1920x1080.



-Generate Reference images/animation.

- Generate Sketches/MockUps

- Shoot Plates/Bkgrnds

- Assemble edit with shot footage, create graphic elements, track footage, composite .



Reference Links:

SixthSense Interaction

Prologue: Ironman 2