Blog: OTL Headphone Amplifier kit from Bottlehead!

This was my first attempt at building a tube headphone amp. It was fun!


I don't have any experience with electronics to speak of, but I listen to music a lot. The people at Bottlehead build a really nice kit. The instructions were very easy to follow.



This is what comes with the kit.


The paint, sandpaper and steelwool I picked up at the hardware store.


The 6080 tube. I may try a 6AS7 and see what that sounds like.


The 12AU7 tube, what a cutie.


The power transformer PT-3.













Here is a link to to powercord assembly instructions.






The chassis hardware assebled, this is before the chaos.


The terminals numbered.


Here we go!


....getting there.










This is a close up. There were times that my hands felt giantic. Very delicate work here.



The wiring is done. It's time to check the resistance of the circuit with a multimeter.


With the resistance check done and everything checks out I finally got the tubes in! The voltage check went fine as well, lot's of safety checks.. a little disconcerting.

Better to be safe.







Finally the tubes all "a-glow".






This kit was a bit of work. It's fairly obvious that if you don't follow the steps exactly .....and proceed slowly, things will not turn out the way you would like. The people at Bottlehead were friendly and helpful. One of the first things I listened to was "Wish you were here" by Pink Floyd. It sounded better than I ever remembered it. While it does not get quite as "loud" as my cMoy amp, it sounds much better. I can hear subtle things in some tracks I never knew existed.