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   This is the personal website of Raul Moreno 3d Artist, Compositor and Educator.

Welcome to my website

I am a 3d artist and compositor based in Los Angeles. My interests are Architecture, Environmental Design, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Compositing, the "look and feel" related areas of CG. I am also a fairly decent animator. Educated at one of the nation's few independent architecture schools, the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), I still have an enthusiastic interest in Architecture and Environmental Design. In Architecture school I was drawn to building things (yes, real things) and as a consequence spent much of my time in the woodshop. There is something very satisfying about starting off with a few planks of hardwood and at the end of the day having something you can set your books on. The tactility of real things, the way one object is joined to another as well as the depth of real materials, I find very engaging.
These are all experiences I draw on in my present craft.
While still chosing to navigate a path in the realm of film production, my interests are deeply rooted in the visual and experiential.

3d / Compositing

I will be updating projects / personal peojects on a blog when I can. Currently I am working with this '65 Chevy Malibu SS in my spare time. I shot the backplate and HDRI Pano for it at the old Santa Monica Sea Food Location on Broadway in Sant Monica. I will use it for the IBL in Maya / Mental Ray. There will also be a random notes section as I discover things, this may be helpfull to students in my class. I plan on posting Nuke notes here as well. These notes will get posted under the "personal" section.

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hdri Panoramas

Image based lighting and CG Rendering:

I set out to earlier to shoot and stitch my own High Dynamic Range Image Panoramas. This became a bit of a hobby.

This could be very helpul if you are on set and you want your cg elements to match the lighting of your live action backgrounds. I have started a small gallery with a few panos I have shot. I will update them as time permits. If you are interested in using one of them let me know.

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